Italia Yachts 12.98


Italia Yachts Italia Yachts 12.98

IY 12,98

Italia Yachts 12.98 was born to allow an unlimited navigation, maintaining the feeling of performance fast cruiser and sensations at the helm of a true thoroughbred, even in pleasantness and easiness typical of the Italia Yachts models manoeuvre. The project data suggest an all-round behaviour, where the performance match easy handling, safety and comfort. On the waves, Italia 12.98 sail powerful, steady and soft giving an exciting upwind sailing experience. The boat is very easy to handle, always light at the helm, also allowing the use in racing at high levels thanks to the excellent value rating/performance.


The deck layout is ergonomic and functional, and the hull lines of IY 12.98 contemplate a proper balance between comfort and performance, borrowing the fluid concepts developed for the IY 9.98 Fuoriserie to the distribution of volumes, for the interior in perfect cruising style. The fore and aft rake are more obvious than the other models of the yard. The result is a smaller wetted surface area for the benefit of performance in light wind conditions. Aft waterlines sections allow a variable dynamic length, short in light wind, longer with increasing speed.The aspects related to navigation comfort are very cared, thanks to a careful study on the longitudinal trim and symmetrical volumes while heeled, as well as in the concentration of the weights as much as possible to limit the pitching


Italia Yachts 12.98 is a completely new project which is born with a tapered and fast hull to be fun while cruising and racing. This project is the result of the synergic work between the modern design and hydrodynamic research and simulations with data analysis entrusted to a pool of professionals. In few words: a hull with sleek and elusive lines, to always guarantee the best passage on the wave, safe and powerful.



The deck plan is practical and functional and the hull lines of IY 12.98 have a correct balance between comfort and performance, borrowing the fluid-dynamic concepts of the multi-winning IY 9.98 Fuoriserie for the distribution of volumes, while maintaining the characteristics of the interiors in absolute cruising style. The thrusts at the stern and bow are more evident than the other models of the shipyard. The smaller wetted surface is an all-round benefit of performance in light wind conditions. The shapes of the boat favor a variable waterline length: contained with little wind, it dynamically stretches with increasing speed
and the heel. The aspects related to comfort in navigation are very accurate, to mitigate pitching.


EXTÉRIEURSThe deck plan includes a teak deck and a layout optimized for cruising. So that navigation is easy and comfortable for a
family or a smaller crew, without compromising on speed or feeling at the


In the interiors of the IY 12.98 the leitmotif is ecology, nature, respect for the environment: wicker, cotton and linen fibers
interpreted with technological and innovative solutions to create an elegant environment, without weighing down the
boat. As in the whole range, the solutions respond to ergonomic studies to always guarantee excellent habitability and
comfort above standards.


Architecture navale:Conception de yachts Cossutti

Design extérieur:Cossutti Yacht Design / Équipe Italia Yacht Design
Design d'intérieur et style :Équipe de conception de yachts Italia
Structure:Conception de yachts Cossutti
Propriété et gestion :Yachts italiens
Longueur totale:14,30 m (46 pi)
Longueur coque :13,16 m (44 pi)
Longueur de flottaison :11,20 m (37 pieds)
Largueur maximum :3,95 m (13 pi)
Brouillon:2,25/2,46 m (7,3/8 pi)
Déplacement:8 500 k (18 700 livres)
Moteur:Diesel 50 CV
Le carburant:220 litres (58,12 gal US)
Eau:360 litres (95,10 gal US)
Certification européenne CE, catégorie artisanale 'A'
Surface de voilure Grand-voile + foc :Randa + fiocco 115 m²
Surface de voilure Grand-voile + gennaker :Randa + gennaker 225 m²