It’s no secret that we’re approaching, or have maybe even passed the moment in history where most buyers are considering buying an electric vehicle. The awkward early adopter phase is long gone, doubters few and far between, and every car manufacturer has at least some EV options, while others focus exclusively on electric and are experiencing massive growth. Mass adoption is here, the prices are falling, and infrastructure and legislature are hurrying to catch up. Read More
At Itacatamarans having one of our pillars being sustainability, it was natural for Oceanvolt’s clean energy propulsion system to be designed in from the onset on our ITA14.99. Read More
Philip Käsermann et Franziska Berger ont rompu avec le quotidien de leur vie en Suisse pour voyager une année de la Méditerranée aux Caraïbes. Chose pas banale, ils ont réalisé leur tour de l’Atlantique sans une goutte de carburant. Read More
Marine electric motor manufacturer Oceanvolt announces the signing of an OEM contract with the series production yacht builder Elan Yachts. Its commercial director Christian Hallberg explains the importance of this agreement for the development of electric yachting and its inclusion in the OEM's strategy. Read More

 Italia Yachts 11.98 born for racing and cruising

IY 11.98

While the cruising racing category very often designates boats designed for cruising with which one can participate in regattas, this is not the case with the Italia Yachts 11.98.

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