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Italia Yachts Italia 12.98 Blue Water Line

Italia 12.98: a fast, all round yacht

Italia 12.98 was born to navigate the Oceans, combining performance with the pleasure and ease of manoeuvre typical of all Italia Yachts. Italia 12.98 is a fast, all-round yacht, where performance meets safety and comfort on board. With a safe and powerful wave behaviour and soft and delicate touch at the helm, aboard Italia 12.98 you can rediscover the pleasure of sailing to windward, the essence of true sailing. The boat is very easy to steer and always light and reactive to the helm, perfect for long distance sailing and eating up the miles in all weather conditions. Italia 12.98 won the nomination for “European Yacht of the Year” award.

Great performances, easy handling

The hull lines of Italia 12.98 contemplate a proper balance between comfort and performance, borrowing the fluid concepts developed for the 9.98 Fuoriserie with regard to the distribution of volumes, while maintaining the key features for the interior in perfect cruising style.

The fore and aft rake are more obvious than the other models of the yard. The result is a smaller wetted surface area for the benefit of performance in light wind conditions. Aft waterlines sections allow a variabile dynamic length, short in light wind, longer with increasing speed.

Light and strong

The hull and deck are built of sandwich cores with PVC with different densities depending on the construction needs. The skins are laid in E-glass (mat, mats and unidirectional) impregnated with vinylester resin. The lamination is performed at a controlled temperature between 16 °C and 25 °C. Reinforcing plates are inserted in corrispondance of the equipment deck. The central part of the hull is full laminated to improve the resistance to concentrated efforts.

All bulkheads are marine plywood from 15 to 25 mm and are bonded to the hull and gusseted to the internal structure and the deck. The deck is bonded with structural adhesive and laminated internally.

A structural carbon frame is placed inside the hull glued and gusseted, to share the efforts of the mast and the rigging and bulkheads and furniture are fixed over the same. The deck is finished with gelcoat surfaces; the bridge and walkable areas are finished with antiskid from the female mold.The benches and the cockpit are finished in teak 10 mm.

Keel and rudder

Italia 12.98 is available with different keel versions. The standard version foresee a full lead “T-Keel” with a 2,25 meters draft. A shallow keel, 1,95 meters draft is proposed as an option. The rudder blade has a CNC milled mold and it has been high efficiency designed. The two fiberglass steering wheels have dual steering cables with pedestals containing sprocket and chain. The sector is mounted on aluminum. The stock bearings are self-aligning. Crash bar for instruments at the helm are available as option.

Plants and top class engine

Italia 12.98 is equipped as standard with a 40 hp diesel engine with S-drive transmission and a 2-blade propeller. The acoustic isolated engine compartment is easy accessible frontally from the saloon and from the sides. The fuel tank is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 220 litres to ensure long navigation periods without the necessity of refuelling. The fresh water system is based on two stainless steel water tanks with a total capacity of 360 litres.

Italia 12.98 exterior layout

The large cockpit can be closed by a removable teak covered folding transom: the ideal solution for a quiet and safe navigation, as to enjoy an easy access to the sea.

The sunbathing area on the deck is flat and smooth, thanks also to the flush deck hatches. The access to the interior of the cockpit is through a sliding hatch. Large lockers provide plenty of space for storage during the cruise. The furling system is below deck, halyards are collected under the hatch where the trap is hidden inside and the spray hood is integrated in the carter on the deck.

Deck layout and main equipment

The deck layout is ergonomic and functional, in perfect Italia Yachts’ style. The large cockpit, free from obstacles, with wide space for benches permits a smooth transition to the forward cockpit. Particular attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the maneuvers, in order to offer an easy and safe sailing even in the race with a full crew. All running rigging lines run under the deck.

Italia 12.98 provides a “german sheet” mainsail circuit and a lot of features in perfect race style. The backstay has an hydraulic adjustement, ball bearing blocks, rudder bearings, the self aligning stock bearing, halyards and sheets are in Dyneema®. All these features are available as standard and in conjunction with the rod rigging.

Technical Specifications

Naval architecture Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Interior design Laura Boscolo Meo / Italia Yachts
Exterior design 2pixel Studio / Italia Yachts
Engineering & structural design Cossutti Yacht Design
Length over all 12.98 m (43 ft)
Max beam 4.16 m (13.64 ft)
Draft 2.25 m (7.382 ft)
Displacement 7.950 Kg (17,526 lbs)
Engine Diesel 40 Hp
Fuel 220 litres (58,12 U.S. gal)
Water 360 litres (95,10 U.S. gal)
Sail area mainsail + jib 103 sm (1.109 sq ft)
Sail area mainsail + gennaker 197 sm (2.121 sq ft)